GlassParency window treatment makes for a safer commute in inclement weather of all types. It is an ultra-hydrophobic, water beading application that keeps your windshield clear and the road visible. Additionally, GlassParency can extend the life of your windshield wiper blades and cut down on time spent scraping ice or debris off of the glass. GlassParency window coating also provides the following benefits:

  • Repels water
  • Reduces night glare
  • Improves visibility
  • Makes for easy snow and frost removal
  • Protects from acid rain
  • Prevents insects and debris from sticking

Driver's Vision Is Enhanced At Times Of Inclement Weather

Repels Ice & Snow

In harsh winter months, snow and sleet will repel and ice will become easier to remove, cutting down defrosting time.

Wash Away Bugs ,Dirt And Debris

Bugs, dirt, mud and hard water stains will have a hard time sticking to treated glass, making them simply wash away.

Improved Road Vision

Clearer vision due to reduced night glare and rain repellency will keep you and your passengers safer


AlloyGators are made from super tough nylon to provide superior protection for alloy wheels. The protection system fits between the wheel and tyre and is designed to protect alloy wheels against kerbing and pothole damage.

At AlloyGator, we are passionate about vehicle performance and style. We wouldn’t expect our customers to use anything we don’t use ourselves. As well as using our product on our own vehicles, industry professionals have tried and tested our AlloyGators to ensure our consumers can trust the quality and durability of our alloy wheel protection solution.

We also regularly consult professionals about new developments in wheel technology and strive to address the wheel protection needs of all vehicle owners.

Original Profile

The Original Profile contains original Apex edge profiles for wheels ranging from 13" to 21" diameter. Each set contains 4 AlloyGator Original wheel protectors, 6 joining clips, stainless steel securing clips and glue. Original AlloyGators are available in 15 stylish colours.

Exclusive Profile

Our Exclusive Profile Next generation rounded edge profiles for wheels ranging from 12" to 24" diameter. Each Exclusive set contains 4 AlloyGator Exclusive wheel protectors, 6 joining clips, stainless steel securing clips and glue. Exclusive AlloyGators are available in 15 stylish colours.